Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

TreeTalk Podcasts are Entertaining and Informative

Podcasts on a variety of urban forestry and tree care topics are now available from the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) Urban and Community Forestry program’s website.

Called “TreeTalk,” the podcasts were coordinated by Oregon State University student Heather Reed, an intern with ODF’s Urban & Community Forestry Program.

Six good reasons to love the new podcasts:

  • Do you know what tree topping is? TreeTalk#1 is a humorous and informative talk with Plant Amnesty’s Cass Turnbull, and explains why trees should never be overly-pruned or “topped.”
  • TreeTalk#2, an interview with representatives from the organizations “Oregon Champion Trees” and “Ascending the Giants,” discusses tree preservation efforts of both programs. Also included is a discussion of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Treeverse” broadcast about a tree climbing expedition through a grove of Oregon White Oaks.
  • Are you having thoughts of tree planting now that spring is just around the corner? The TreeTalk#3 podcast – an informative interview with Oregon State University urban forestry graduate student Abbey Driscoll – discusses tree choices with “Right tree, right place” in mind.
  • Some people like trees that lower the family grocery bill. Learn the ins and outs of planting fruit trees in this interview with Karen Wolfgang of Independence Gardens as she explains the particulars of fruit trees, including selection, planting, and fruit tree care, on the TreeTalk#4 podcast.
  • “Talking Water Gardens” – what’s that? In the 5th TreeTalk podcast, join Oregon State University student and ISA-certified arborist Heather Reed and learn how the City of Albany’s “Talking Water Gardens” does the work of a traditional water treatment plant while offering shade, beauty, recreation and bird and wildlife watching.
  • Just what is it that makes fall so colorful? In TreeTalk#6, join host Heather Reed as she explains topics garnered from Clackamas Community College’s Horticulture program, including leaf pigment and what makes fall so colorful.

The making of these podcasts was funded by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service. You can listen to the new “TreeTalk” podcasts online, or download them at:

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