Sun. Aug 25th, 2019

It Isn’t Fire Season Yet, But It’s Getting Nearer

Cooler temperatures this week and a prediction for showers through the weekend has stalled discussions about starting fire season on ODF’s Southwest Oregon District — at least for a few more days. However, fire season has begun on lands to the north that are protected by the Douglas Forest Protective Association and on ODF’s Klamath-Lake District, east of the Cascades.

But just because fire season is not yet in effect in Jackson and Josephine counties does not mean wildfires cannot burn. Thunderstorms May 5-7 sparked 23 small fires on the district (14 in the Grants Pass Unit and 9 in the Medford Unit) and grass fires caused by open burning occur several times a week.

Use care when burning debris and when using power-driven equipment where there is dry grass or brush.

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