Sun. Aug 25th, 2019

Helicopter Activity Over Brimstone

Several people have called today inquiring about the sudden increase in helicopter activity over the Brimstone Fire today. The helicopters are flying because this is the first reasonably clear day they’ve had to fly in quite a while, and there is a stubborn hot spot in the northwest corner of the fire. The crews working on the Brimstone Fire haven’t gone in there to put out the hot spot because that part of the fire is too steep and too dangerous to work in. Now that the helicopters can fly and see where they’re going, they’re dropping many buckets of water onto the hot spot.

There are five 20-person crews, 11 engines, four water tenders and a bulldozer assigned to the Brimstone Fire during the day. At night, two engines patrol the area. Their mission is to ensure the fire remains contained and to extinguish hot spots inside the fire line.

The fire remains at 2,372 acres.

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