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Cleveland Ridge Fire Maps 08/24/2016 @2200 hrs

Cleveland Fire IAP Map 08/24/2016 @2200hrs

Cleveland Ridge Fire Perimeter with FOBS GPS

Substantial improvements to the accuracy of tonight’s map. Fire is now controlled enough to get accurate GPS data from field observers on the line with handheld units. Also, a big thanks to resources helping to ground-truth roads at the head of the fire in Div. A near existing dozer lines.

Thanks to these improvements in the accuracy of our data collection, we are amending the size of the fire down to 530 acres. Keep up the good work!

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Ridge Fire Maps 08/24/2016 @2200 hrs

  1. We live at 4599 highway 227. Tuesday night we were at the back of our property. We could hear the heavy equipment working on the ridge. We witnessed the air drops on the spot fire that jumped the line on the southeast corner that evening. I truly believe that the firefighters, air crews and other operators saved our homes and property. Had that fire gotten over the ridge any further we would have had to leave our homes and possibly lost them. You are amazing and my family and I are forever grateful and fans of the Heros of the Cleveland ridge fire 2016.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. These types of messages make long days and little sleep a whole lot easier! I’ll post your comment on the briefing board at fire camp for our crews to read. Stay safe!

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