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Weekly Fire Stats 9/3/17

weekly fire summary 9-3-17

2 thoughts on “Weekly Fire Stats 9/3/17

  1. Inform your service fire fighting mngrs that Grants Pass air is in hazardous zone and us older retired folks are suffering breathing trouble like myself! Please help get more air tankers here fight Chetco fire as it’s into our county!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your concern. The health of our communities is important to us. We are aware of the air quality issues in the Rogue Valley and other parts of Oregon. We continue to work diligently to alleviate these issues and other threats to public safety in Oregon.

      In addition to serving lands for which we are responsible for fire protection, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) works to support our federal partners, including the United States Forest Service (USFS). Although there are currently no fires on ODF-protected land within Southwest Oregon District, the USFS is working to suppress several large fires on federal ownership. ODF has dedicated many resources in support of fire suppression on USFS land across Oregon, and, we will continue to do so to the extent that we are able to support our federal partners while maintaining a high standard of management excellence on the lands for which we are responsible.

      Support from aircraft is one of the many tools that we (both ODF and the USFS) use to suppress fire. We are dedicated to fighting fire aggressively having provided for safety first. In circumstances where visibility or other weather conditions jeopardize the safety of our air attack resources, we must rely on other tactics to fight fire effectively.

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