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IAP MAPS | August 29, 2016

Cleveland Ridge IR Data 08/29/2016

IR Map Topography 08/29/2016 IR Map Imagery 08/29/2016 IR Map with 300ft and 500ft Fire Line Buffers Summary of IR Data 08/26- 08/29

IAP MAPS | August 28, 2016

Additional IR Map Resources

IR Flight 08/28/2016 w/ 300′ and 500′ Fireline Buffers Summary Matrix of Isolated Heat Source Density 08/26/2016 – 08/28/2016

IAP MAPS | August 27, 2016

Cleveland Ridge IR Data 08/27/2016

Cleveland Ridge IR Data Topographic Basemap 8/27/2016 @ 2157hrs Cleveland Ridge IR Data w/ Aerial Imagery 08/27/2016 @ 2157hrs

IAP MAPS | August 26, 2016

Cleveland Ridge IR Data 08/26/2016

To help crews keep the fire under control, ODF adopts the standard practice of ordering an infrared (IR) flight, which took place a little after midnight on August 26. The new IR data will help crews identify and prioritize portions of the fire that are still burning IR Topo Map Cleveland Ridge Fire 08/26/2016 @ […]

IAP MAPS | August 24, 2016

8/24 Cleveland Ridge Fire Maps

Updated Cleveland Fire Map as of 0700hrs 08/24/2016 1:24,000 extent (zoomed in) Same Map as link above, but zoomed out to 1:36,000 (medium zoomed out) Same Map as link above, but zoomed out to 1:48,000 (zoomed out)