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IAP MAPS | September 3, 2016

Gold Canyon IR Flight 09/03/2016

Isolated Heat Sources w/ 300′ Fire Line Buffer 09/03/2016 IR Map w/ Imagery Background 1:6,000 Scale IR Map with Imagery Background 1:12,000 Scale IR Topo Map 1:6,000 Scale IR Topo Map 1:12,000 Scale

IAP MAPS | September 2, 2016

Gold Canyon IR Flight 09/02/2016

Isolated Heat Source w/ 300′ Fire Line Buffer IR Map Imagery Base 1:6,000 scale IR Map Imagery Base 1:12,000 scale IR Topographic Map 1:6,000 scale IR Topographic Map 1:12,000 scale

IAP MAPS | August 31, 2016

Gold Canyon Drive Fire

Please click the link below for the current map of the Gold Canyon Drive fire for August 31. Gold Canyon Drive Fire IAP Night 08/31/2016 @1622hrs

IAP MAPS | August 30, 2016

Gold Canyon Area Maps

Gold Canyon Aerial Imagery Gold Canyon Vicinity Topo Map