Sun. Aug 25th, 2019

Students Learn Fire Effects

ODF Southwest Oregon District‘s Cohesive Wildfire Strategy Coordinator, John O’Connor, teamed up with Oregon State University – Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center, and Rogue River High School to provide students with a hands-on learning experience.
Students got the chance to visit the 155 acre 2014 Salt Creek Fire scar today near BLM’s Elderberry Flats Recreation Area. While at the site, they discussed the forest conditions at the time of the fire and how those conditions influenced the fire’s behavior.
In addition, the students challenged themselves by talking about today’s forest health and how it will impact the future of wildfires in southern Oregon.
The Rogue River High School students will continue to get out in the field and learn about natural resources from a variety of forestry and firefighting professionals.
You and your family can also take part in wildfire education by getting involved with “Citizen Fire Academy.” 
The Citizen Fire Academy (CFA) is a new program designed to educate the public on defensible space, wildfire safety, and Firewise communties.

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