Day: August 24, 2016

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Cleveland Ridge Fire Maps 08/24/2016 @2200 hrs

Cleveland Fire IAP Map 08/24/2016 @2200hrs Cleveland Ridge Fire Perimeter with FOBS GPS Substantial improvements to the accuracy of tonight’s map. Fire is now controlled enough to get accurate GPS data from field observers on the line with handheld units. Also, a big thanks to resources helping to ground-truth roads at the head of the […]

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Firefighters Make Progress on Cleveland Ridge Fire at 25 Percent Containment

Firefighters are holding the Cleveland Ridge Fire at 635 acres. The fire burning on private and Bureau of Land Management forestlands north/northwest of Shady Cove has a fire line completed around 100 percent of the fire and is 25 percent contained as of tonight. With the help of aerial support, day shift firefighters made significant […]

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August 24 Cleveland Ridge Fire Maps Now Available

Maps for the Cleveland Ridge Fire for August 24  have been posted to SWOFireData. These maps offer the latest fire information and are set to different zoom levels.

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Crews Focus on North End of Cleveland Ridge Fire

The size of the Cleveland Ridge Fire this morning is 635 acres. Eighty percent of the fire’s perimeter has a fire line around it. Most of the overnight fire activity was in the north end, which is also where much of today’s fire line construction focus will be. More than 200 firefighters are assigned to […]

IAP MAPS | August 24, 2016

8/24 Cleveland Ridge Fire Maps

Updated Cleveland Fire Map as of 0700hrs 08/24/2016 1:24,000 extent (zoomed in) Same Map as link above, but zoomed out to 1:36,000 (medium zoomed out) Same Map as link above, but zoomed out to 1:48,000 (zoomed out)