Garner Complex Evening Update – 7-21-18 11:45PM

CORRECTION: Last night’s update stated ODF was in unified command with USFS. That is
not accurate, ODF entered into an agreement to assume command of the Taylor Creek
Fire, which consists of some USFS lands, as part of the Garner Complex.
The Oregon State Fire Marshall’s Blue Team (IC Kunze) arrived this afternoon and quickly
intergraded with ODF IMT 2 into unified command of this complex. They arrived with a full
team and six structural task forces. Their mission is to assess, triage and protect the homes
and structures near the fire.
The three Spencer Fires, King Mountain Fire, and Swamp Fire have been lined, plumbed
and are in mop-up. The Pleasant Fire and Ditch Cr. Fire are still having control lines built by
hand and equipment.
The three Grave Fires have grown together. Roads are being used along with dozer and
hand lines at the northern edge of the fire. Indirect fire lines were constructed along the
east and west sides. Retardant drops and water bucket drops were applied along the east
edge to prevent spread any closer to structures and homes.
Today was the first operational period for ODF Team 2 on the Taylor Creek Fire. The Team
continued work already initiated by the local District and gathered a lot of information
along with identifying access routes for fire suppression activities.
Sec. 14 257 acres                   Ditch Cr. 142 acres
Grave Cr. 3,792 acres           King Mtn. 6 acres
Pleasant Cr. 599 acres          Spencer Cr. 234 acres
Swamp Cr. 3 acres                Taylor Cr. 2,916 acres
CURRENT EVACUATION ORDERS: NEW: Level 2 for Riverbank Rd., Limpy Cr. Rd and all
secondary roads and streets from Limpy Cr to Pickett Cr. Pleasant Creek Rd: Levels 2 and
3. Grave Cr. Rd is Level 3 north of intersection with Ditch Cr. Rd. Pickett Rd and all cross
roads are Level 2 and West Picket Rd. is Level 3. A Red Cross Shelter is set up at the Grants
Pass High School at 830 NE 9th Street in Grants Pass. 541-474-5710.