Sun. Aug 25th, 2019

Garner Complex Special Update – Additional Resources Arrive at Garner Creek Complex – 7-22-18 9:00am

Additional Resources Arrive at Garner Complex:
In the last 24 hours additional resources have arrived to help in the efforts on the Garner Complex.

Troops from the National Guard arrived this morning to help with security at roadblocks in active fire areas and evacuation zones.  A total of 50 personnel are expected to assist in the effort.

The Oregon State Fire Marshall will be adding three more task forces to the Garner Complex.  This brings the total to nine task forces.  The task forces will be working in the Grave Fire, Pleasant Creek Fire and Taylor Creek Fire areas.  Their mission  is to assess and protect homes and structures near the fires.

Two DC-10 VLATs (Very Large Air Tanker) began work on the fires yesterday.  One 747 VLAT was used on the Garner Fire and is planned to be used on the Taylor Fire today.  These three aircraft bring the total of four VLATs available to the Complex.  An additional Type-2 helicopter arrives today.

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