Garner Complex Update – 7-23-18 9:00am

Size as of 0200 hr. IR flight:  11,564 acres
Change in last 24 hrs.:  +3,605 acres
Containment: 14%
Start Date/Time: 7/15/2018 9:00a.m.
Expected Containment Date:  8/7/18
Location: Josephine County
Cause: Lightning
Est. Cost: $8.873 Million
Personnel: 2162
Assigned Resources:
Hand Crews:  70
Engines:  100
Dozers:  25
Water Tenders:  38
Other:  2
Assigned Aircraft:  26
Structure Task Forces:  9
Critical Resources
Needs:  TFUL, T6ENG, FELB, HEQB, IA Crews, Tenders, HMGB, HECM
Injuries:  8
Structures Threatened:  1,090
Structures Damaged:  0
Structures Destroyed:  0
Evacuations: Level 3 Estimated 357 persons

Public Meetings: Plans are set for two public meetings for the local communities
that are being most effected by the Garner Complex fires. The first meeting will
be Monday July 23, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at the North Valley High School, 6741 Monument
Drive, Grant Pass, OR. Another meeting is set for Wimer on Tuesday July
24, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at Evans Valley Education and Community Center, 8205 East
Evans Creek.

Fire crews from the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office (OSFM) continue to work in
the area’s of the Grave and Taylor Fires. OSFM crews are assessing homes and
other structures. This allows the crews to create a defensible space around each
structure. Flagging left on the driveway quickly informs structural crews of the
work needing to be completed. It does not indicate the level of protection fire
crews will provide that structure. Please do not remove or move the flagging. This
causes fire crews to duplicate their work. OSFM crews have been able to assess
245 structures near the Grave and Taylor Fires.

If you have questions regarding the evacuation level area’s, please call the Joint
Information Center at 541-474-5305.

We understand the impact we are having on the community with a camp of over
2,000 people nearby. Thank you for working with us as we work to protect your
community from multiple fires in the area.

For the most current evacuation information, please contact the Joint Information
Center at 541-474-5305 (8 AM—8 PM). A Red Cross Shelter is set up at the Grants
Pass High School at 830 NE 9th Street in Grants Pass. 541-474-5710.