Garner Complex Mid-Day Update – 7-24-18 2:00pm

Garner Complex #UPDATE
Mid-day Update to the Garner Complex Fires
7-24-18 2:00PM
Here is the information you have been requesting about each fire in the Garner Complex. The Grave Creek Fire is at 6,546 acres. Much of the northern half of the fire has either dozer line, hand line or roads holding the fire in check. Today fire fighters will work on completing construction of hand line and dozer line in mostly the southern and southeastern portions of the fire. Securing, holding, and patrolling containment lines are on-going around much of the fire. Assigned resources are 37 crews, 27 engines, 21 heavy equipment and overhead.
The Pleasant Fire is at 784 acres. Yesterday the fire crossed over the containment line and burned a 30-40 area near Battle Mountain. Crews are working today to put a fire line around it and bring that portion back inside the fire line perimeter. Aircraft are planned to be active in this area. Most of the fire perimeter is secure by roads or dozer lines. In areas where there is unburned fuels between the fire perimeter and control lines or roads, Hot Shot crews are performing burnouts. Last night, an unmanned drone flew the fire and detected a new fire start. Crews were able to immediately react and put it out. Assigned resources are: 4 crews, 5 engines, 6 heavy equipment and overhead.
The Taylor Fire is at 9,624 acres and still very active, however progressing slowly. It has burned south to the Shan Creek. Due to the topography fire managers have taken a more indirect approach. There are primary and secondary control lines being built around the entire fire. The fire is burning towards those lines. Once lines are constructed and the lines are reduced of excessive fuels, and plumbed with hose and fittings ahead of planned burn out operations. There was very little spread last night. Assigned resources are: 23 crews, 13 engines, 13 heavy equipment, and overhead.
The Ditch Creek Fire is at 169 acres. This fire is relatively unchanged. It is secured with a fire line all the way around the perimeter. Resources assigned are: 5 crews, 4 engines, 7 heavy equipment, and overhead.
The Spencer Fire is at 228 acres and has a secured fire line around the entire perimeter. There is one engine assigned to patrol and monitor.
The OSFM Task Forces of structural engines have triaged and prepped over 500 structures. To date, no structures have been lost. Today there are nine OSFM Task Force at the Taylor Fire and Pleasant Creek Fires.
Public Meeting: in Wimer tonight at 6:00 P.M. at Evans Valley Education and Community Center, 8205 East Evans Creek.