Sun. Aug 25th, 2019

Garner Complex Update 8-4-18

Morning Update 8-4-18 – 9:00 a.m.
Reminder: From here one out only a morning update will be provided daily.
Size: 8,886 acres
Change in last 24 hrs. 0 acres
Containment: 75% – Garner Complex
Start Date/Time: 7/15/2018 9:00 a.m.
Expected Containment Date: 8/10/18
Location: Jackson County
Cause: Lightning
Est. Cost: $39,877,690 million
Personnel: 1,065
Assigned Resources:
Handcrews: 33
Engines: 33
Dozers: 6
Water Tenders: 22
Assigned Aircraft: 10
Structures Threatened: 564
Structures Damaged: 0
Structures Destroyed: 0
Injuries: 17
Hard work gets results. The difficult, dangerous work happening on the Garner Complex is getting the job done. On each shift hand crews seek and extinguish more and more hot spots. When all the hot spots have been mopped up, that section of the fire is placed in patrol status.
Fire managers have placed the northernmost section of the fire in patrol status. Engines will patrol the perimeter to ensure that any smokes appearing near the control lines are suppressed. Fire managers are evaluating other sections along the fire’s eastern and western edges to determine if they could be placed in patrol status.
As portions of the fire move to patrol status, resources are reassigned to other sections of the fire. Crews that were mopping up on the northern portion of the fire have been moved to the southern end of the fire, just north of Pleasant Creek Rd.
In addition to mop up, crews have begun suppression repair to remove impacts caused by fire suppression activities. Firefighters have begun removing equipment, tools and repairing constructed firelines.
Helicopters, engines and a hand crew are available for initial attack should they be called upon.
Grave Creek/Section 14/Ditch Creek – 7,816
Pleasant Creek – 836
Spencer Creek – 228
King Mountain – 6
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