Ramsey Canyon Fire 08/23/18 AM Update

Incident Start Date: 8/22/2018
Incident Start Time: Approx. 12:45 p.m.
Incident Type: Wildfire
Cause: Under Investigation
Incident Location: near Sams Valley, Jackson County, Oregon
Land Threat: Private, BLM, Industrial
Command Agency: ODF
Fire Size: 800 acres
Containment: 15%
Expected Full Containment: N/A
Civilian Injuries: 0
Firefighter Injuries: 0
Structures Threatened: 211
Structures Destroyed: 0
Structures Damaged: 0

Current Situation:
Overnight, firefighters were able to complete a combination of dozer line and hand line around roughly 30-percent of the Ramsey Canyon Fire’s perimeter. Spot fires continued to be an issue overnight due to the dense landscape and steep terrain.
Structural task forces stayed out all night protecting homes and making assessments for any potential changes in evacuation levels. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will remain the source for accurate and timely notification releases.
Today’s weather forecast includes a chance of gusty winds similar to yesterday evening. Ridgetops and canyons can reach up to 20-25 mph if conditions come to fruition. If fire activity allows, we hope to get a more accurate size of the fire mapped via ground GPS tools.
A remote helibase is set up and will be utilized. Please know that our aircraft can only fly when visibility is safe enough to do so. However, we have several firefighting aircraft geared up and ready to go.
An Oregon Department of Forestry Type I Incident Management Team, alongside an Oregon State Fire Marshal Team will assume command of the fire at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon in order to alleviate the local district’s initial attack resources.
It is important to note that this is the same location as the 1994 Hull Mountain Fire where a firefighter fatality happened so close to home. We are keeping firefighter and public safety on the forefront of our thoughts, as always, and each crew is being asked to review their “watch out” situations throughout the day.

Level 3 “Go”
Ramsey Rd., beginning at the address 13469 and proceeding north to the Meadows Rd. intersection. Meadows Rd, proceeding south from East Evans to include the address of 17000.

Level 2 “Be Set”
East Evans Creek Rd., from West Fork Evans Creek Rd beginning with the address 16840 to Antioch Rd ending at the address 22185; Meadows Rd, the addresses 16840, 16880, 16901, and 16933.

For an interactive map please visit: https://bit.ly/2uUku2C
For additional information regarding evacuations, please contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Assigned Resources:
Engines: 28
Water Tenders: 12
Helicopters: 4
Hand Crews: 15
Dozers: 12
Total Personnel: 360+
Air Tankers: As needed

Cooperating Agencies:
Oregon Department of Forestry, BLM Oregon & Washington, Rogue Valley Fire Chiefs Association, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon, Jackson County Emergency Management, American Red Cross, U.S. Forest Service- Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest