Wildfire Update

Panther Gulch Fire Final Update 8/2/19

***This will be the final update for the Panther Gulch Fire unless conditions significantly change.***

Fire lines on the Panther Gulch Fire, located in the Applegate Valley, held overnight Thursday, and allowed nightshift crews to make good progress. Containment has increase to 34%, and accurate GIS mapping has placed the fire at 65 acres, very close to the size firefighters estimated it to be.

Five crews, seven engines, two bulldozers, one tender, four fallers, and two medics will be on the fire lines on Friday. Firefighters will continue gridding the landscape for interior hot spots, with a goal of mopping up 75 feet into the fire from the perimeter. Aircraft is available if needed.

The Panther Gulch Fire was reported to ODF crews Tuesday evening around 6 p.m. With the help of aircraft, firefighters on the ground were able to gain the upper hand on the first shift. ODF Southwest Oregon District greatly appreciates the support of our partner agencies working alongside our crews, including Applegate Valley Fire District and Williams Fire Rescue.

There are no evacuations or road closures near this fire. The cause is under investigation.